Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good morning!

My toe is throbbing but the sun is rising. I have an east facing window. I'm trying to picture myself at the park on a nice walk. I wonder when i'll get to do that again. I'm happy to say lortab works for me. I woke up at 1, though, with some gas pain - like I needed to burp - but i'm not a burper. I tried using the commode, though, and that brought on a bit of a hiccup that brought me relief. Then I slept the rest of the way. I just remember the poor nurse had to listen to my whining ramblings - it's hard to think let alone communicate through drugs.


Dennis said...

Good composition on the photo, Ward. The balance of the toe with the 0foot gear as its focal point. The contrast between the black outline and the blueish walls, the white sheets, and the orangey column of color next to the blind. Intriguing.

Jules said...

Ah, Lortab. My old friend...be careful with it! :) It is trippy to try and communicate through drugs. Not that I do it often. I have vague memories of it.