Wednesday, July 16, 2008


everyone keeps insisting that i need to take it easy to let this toe recover. well, i DO take it easy. i sleep in about an hour or two more than normal (during the school year i get up at 5). i usually only do one type of household chore a day - like watering the lawn or mopping the floor or doing laundry - it never really takes more than about 15 minutes of moving. i watch movies on netflix, i read, i tat, i eat (which sometimes involves going out to eat). but generally my summer has a been rather mellow. last night i went to a play - sooooo good - "the curious savage" at hale theater. i loved all the themes it brought up. i got to bed by 11 - not too late. but this morning, i woke up totally dizzy feeling. i got up at 5:30 because i couldn't go back to sleep and i wanted to eat breakfast - the winder farms people deliver on wednesday - i LOOOOOVE getting food delivered to my front door! but after breakfast, some scripture reading, and book reading, i decided i better go back to bed. because i could. and because i still felt a bit dizzy and it bothered me. i took a benadryl (i'm totally staying off lortab if i can help it) and lay back down on my bed in the dark. i slept (made myself keep sleeping whenever i sort of woke up) for a good 3 1/2 hours! wow! it seemed strange to come out to the rest of the house where it was middle of the day lighting. i sort of felt like i missed something. oh well. it felt good. and i can say i obeyed all the heavy hints people keep giving me like, "you'll be out of the boot sooner if you rest more now."


Marie said...

I love when something forces me to be bedridden for awhile. So many books to read, so few excuses to make the time to read them! What can I say? I'm lazy.

And it appears I have found a fellow tatter! We are a dying breed, to be sure...

plainoldsarah said...

you're a tatter? so cool! i'm really just a wanna-be but i'd love to have a connection to someone who tats - i could learn from you!

we all love to be bedridden until it happens and we feel antsy and just want to get out and be busy.