Thursday, August 10, 2006

relief society

i've shared these notes from my relief society lesson with a few people, and as i was about to copy and send them to someone else i decided they were blog worthy.

8/06/06 "bondage" -stuck like playing same note on a piano. Causes: lack of faith and perspective, traditions or habits, insecurities, any extreme emotion, laziness, discouragement, sins of commission or omission, false beliefs, sometimes tutorial exp from lord. 3 dangerous words: "I deserve it" - this leads to bondage. Bondage of disillusionment, anger, physical, expectations, etc. Sometimes we say "i deserve bad things" - red herring from satan - both attitudes are. They distract us from: god's blessings, god's plan, humility, what we can do and give, hard work. In scriptures "i deserve it" is called murmuring. See 2 nephi 5:3 and 1 nephi 17:21 for examples of laman and lemuel's expectations. We often forfeit agency by not choosing. We do that when: too many choices, don't want responsibility, lack of confidence fear we'll choose badly, we're victims, we lose faith that our choice will make a difference, fear responsibilty and accountability, what we want isn't an option, think/hope it will go away. 1 nephi 15:8,9 - laman and lemuel gave up their agency. We all fear making wrong choice or fear consequences - mosiah 23:27,28 "hushed fears" - acknowledge them but take control. How to get unstuck: someone says have faith, goal setting with baby steps, major self evaluation to recognize bondage, desire to change, get help from others, take self out of situation to be more rational and analytical, service to others, remember times you've done it before, any kind of movement. Introspection great way to get unstuck. It's an apostolic quality - matt 26:21-22. Red herrings for introspection: get thinking "why me" so maybe ask "what is required of me now" instead. No self criticism. Exercise faith by exercising agency. Quote from packer where pres lee advised him to step into darkness then light will appear. Sometimes life comes in ways we can't choose but we can choose how we react - victor frankl. Don't have to be stuck in an attitude even if circumstances seem stuck. mosiah 21 and 24 both groups suffer afflictions and have heavy burdens. In 21 people begin to murmur when stuck, in 24 they cry to lord but did not "raise their voices to the lord"- just poured out hearts. Are you stuck enough to cry mightily? In 21:16 god did prosper them and lighten burden but some may not have noticed. In 24:15 they were made stronger and were cheerful. God suits our sustaining according to our spiritual needs during those stuck times - 24:14. Like piano we don't have to be perfect (play all 88 keys) to have beautiful unstuck lives.


St. Jon said...

these notes are great, Ward; just what I needed;
I also liked your blog about "why I teach"

plainoldsarah said...

thanks jon - it seems my church notes when shared always do some good in the world - thanks for the positive feedback - it keeps me taking notes!

Claire said...

like the warning on the 'why me' problem ... i like to turn it around to 'why not me' ... statistically it has to be someone right?

plainoldsarah said...

claire - thanks for commenting. it got me to reread this post and it was a good one.