Friday, August 15, 2014

Quite a day

This is from yesterday. Today was not photo worthy. Today the three of us were snot faucets. Ward had two blowouts - one in his car seat and the other on my lap. We survived by taking a trip to sams for bread, strolling down the shadier streets, playing in the blow up pool (icy water and grassy bums), and generally rolling around on the floor feeling like death warmed over. Yesterday Joyce was the only one really sick and she was extra grumpy. She would only eat peas. In some ways yesterday was worse. Twice, the kids had simultaneous meltdowns where they just cried harder the more the other one cried. Both needed to be held at the same time. Then last night Joyce was up for two hours. Finally, after eating a piece of bread she went to sleep. from 10 to 11, just as I got one settled and quiet and put myself to bed, just barely relaxing, as if on cue the other (or eventually just Joyce) would start to fuss. It was like my bed had an alarm tied to them. I eventually got to sleep for four hours straight on the couch. I couldn't trust my bed, plus it kept disturbing Bret I figured. Truth is, though, it was also hard to tune out the snoring. Maybe tonight will be better but I am headed to bed now. 7 pm


Tricia said...

Takes me back to those early days with my twins!! I remember the tandem tantrums- feeding off of eachother's screaming, and the long, sleepless nights trading off one, then the other, then both, then one.... Oh my. One day it will all be just a memory that brings a smile. Hang in there, my friend.

plainoldsarah said...

Thanks Tricia! Today has already begun on a better note. They both mostly slept. Hooray!

Jane Says said...

mamma mia!!!