Saturday, July 26, 2008


Earlier this week I peeled off the scab and most of the surrounding dead skin. Yes, gross, I know s but it feels good to see normal pinkish scar vs. crusty scabby skin. Again, too much, sorry. so I just wanted to share my improvement. It's looking and feeling better. Swelling is decreased significantly - the boot's velcro is adjusting for smaller foot. I can even sort of mostly stand on it - the foot not the toe - it's still a bit stiff and tender to touch. I should be boot free come a week from monday. Yes I made a thousand bucks on this and had it done for free, but every now and then I wonder if it was worth it. I do like making money.


Mike said...

Ok, your gonna have to share more (believe it or not, need more than the pics). How on earth did you come out ahead on this ??

A vet did the procedure ?

Some new reality tv series ?? "You Too Can be A Surgeon"

It was done south of the border ??

plainoldsarah said...

mike - i'm shocked you haven't been reading my blog more religiously! =) last month i started blogging about my big toe - a bunion - it was removed on june 30. as for my happy recovery - that comes from doing a lot of sitting/reading/hanging out with friends. i'll make a separate post about that. thanks for the good questions!

Mike said...

Yesyesyes, I know about the bunion surgery, but this is what I'm questioning

" Yes I made a thousand bucks on this and had it done for free..."

plainoldsarah said...

oh so sorry mike - really you just need to work on your mind reading skills. =) i think i forget to fill in the blanks that blog world has compared to real life. i went through a pain research company called scirex. they have billboards all around and commercials on tv - they don't advertise the "get paid 1000 bucks" part - so that was a happy bonus. normally bunion surgery is outpatient, since i was part of the study i stayed there four days and ate delicious food, watched cable, and stayed in bed only being required to gauge my pain level every 8 hours or so. totally the way to go!