Monday, July 28, 2008

time fillers

okay - so it's been a long month of recovering from bunion surgery. there are times when i can't imagine walking around boot free. mostly i miss being able to walk around the park and do yoga. i should get the boot off next monday! i plan to try yoga next wednesday!

so how have i filled my time? well, keeping up on everyone's blogs for one. i've done a fair amount of reading, but mostly watching "the office" and "seven up" series on netflix. i've also done a whole stinking lot of scrap booking. i know - crazy. i'm not a real scrap booker - i just put all my old stuff in sleeve protectors. the funnest part of this month has been going wedding dress shopping secretly. not for me - but for the good friend plewe! she's getting married sept 26! she spent about 2 weeks nearly engaged so we went dress shopping to get a head start. she gave me the chance to practice my secret keeping skills and i'm very pleased with my good work! too bad i had to delete all the wedding dress pictures to help preserve the secret. so there are no photos to go with this post.

well, my lazy recovery days are over. tomorrow i head to park city for a work retreat. a bunch of faculty members "bonding" and pretending they're having a good time while they return to the grind is always a bit amusing to me. i hope to make the most of it!

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