Monday, June 30, 2008

Email love

Oh, I should mention that my nieces and nephews in sacramento took it upon themselves to send me an email every two hours to keep me entertained. The oldest took compassion on me and organized the troops (her siblings) to sign up for a time slot. Some told more stories than others. The seven year old told me about romans who ate slugs soaked in milk and played ball with a pig's bladder. What good kids they are. These are the same ones that are working on their fourth opera. They're home schooled so this is how they like to spend their summer break - besides brushing up on latin.

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lenalou said...

When I first scanned this, I thought your nieces and nephews were sending you emails whilst in sacrament meeting, and I thought that was sweet, but not very reverent. Then I saw the "every two hours" bit and thought WHAT kind of torturous sacrament/stake conference meeting were those poor children in??!!! And then I read it properly.

You have wonderful nieces and nephews.

I didn't know you were having surgery! Get well very soon.