Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last day being single

I woke up this morning wondering how I should spend my day - the last one being a single woman. It felt like any other saturday. I did chores, finished packing, played with family, went to costco, ate good food, picked up family from the airport. Later tonight I get to see bret for an hour and then I have a sleep over with the women of the world - plewe and kristin. I think we'll make lime squeezies and chat a bit before bed. Sounds like a perfect day to me.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bean soup

My bathroom smells like bean soup. I've been using my tub as kitchen sink since last saturday my pipes decided to bust a hole. The pipes are better. It'll be nice to use the sink again.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Saying goodbye

This is the view on my way out the door. The only awkward part today was when a kid saw me take this picture - the door one. Oh well - not my problem anymore! My mantra got me through the week and it's finally true. Happy to say I went out strong!

Can you guess what i did yesterday?

That's right - I picked up my dress. If it was easier to put on and didn't require a helper I might try it on over and over again before the big day - but the thing is a hassle. I need to go buy static guard the lady told me. Apparently tuelle is pretty electric!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Better than christmas

Last night at my bridal shower someone commented on how it's better than christmas because besides gifts I also get a husband. Too true! I probably got more gifts than i've ever gotten at christmas. I think my friends know I like to bake - 3 sets of cookie sheets and a bag full of sugar, etc. but what really prmpted me to blog about this time being "better than christmas" is the anticipation I feel for next week. In exactly a week i'll be fixing my hair preparing to go to the temple to be sealed to bret for time and eternity - seriously, finding someone you can trust and want to continue trusting like that, is a miracle. A "better than christmas" miracle!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


i can't say i'm looking forward to it. i can't say i really enjoyed it when it came flying down yesterday. i have yet to remember to wear a scarf when i go out - i'm not ready for the cold! but this morning, i went for a walk to the park. there were some patches of crusty ice bits on the sidewalk, but the sun was shining, and it was glorious! i felt good! i loved the clean air that snow can bring. i loved that it i attended an inspiring stake conference meeting last night and i have another one this afternoon. i loved feeling happy to be alive and happy about the future - snow and all.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

more big news!

so... you know how i'm getting married and quitting my job? well some of you may also know the headache pain and suffering i've endured the last few years trying to become a "highly qualified english teacher" (thank you legislators for all the hard work you do that i know has good intentions but really just seems to complicate life for many of us!) - well, anyway, i did it! i got my letter this week from the state office of education that says i have an english endorsement!!!! i can now teach english legally and my school district will no longer be harassed and will no longer pass on that harassment to my principal who will no longer need to bug me each year to do something about that. it's finally done! (i figure it doesn't hurt to have for the future - never know when/if i get to return to teaching - maybe by then i can become a certified math teacher or some other exciting and hoop jumping position.)

in case some of you are trying to remember what suffering i'm talking about remember that shakespeare class? then remember the appeal to weber to give me a degree? oh, and remember the racket that praxis is running in this nation? yeah, those are the horrible hoops i had to pay for and deal with. this letter from the state office is gold i tell you - gold!

Friday, November 6, 2009

for the women in my life

sorry, this isn't going to be any sappy sort of post. it's just that guys won't be able to appreciate it. i don't know about you all, but when i get ready in the morning i don't have a perfectly smooth routine. sometimes i curl my hair sometimes i don't. sometimes i eat breakfast before getting dressed, sometimes i eat it before putting on the makeup but after curling the hair. it always varies. well this morning, when i went to put on my makeup the first thing i put on was my lipstick. oh, you should probably know i'm the sort that wears foundation - which goes on FIRST. oh well. so i was a bit tired and not thinking clearly.

let's see, other news. last night bret and i packed up his stuff and brought about six boxes to my house. he's moving in! yes i know that's normal when you get married, but it's still a little weird. i have a hard enough time finding places to put all MY stuff, now i have to figure out where to put his!

in other news doctor said i need more vitamin d. seems odd to me. i'm a healthy person. i don't need no stinkin' vitamins. but i guesss i do. i guess i spend too much time inside. the good friend plewe did some research for me. basically i need to see more sun light. or take vitamins. i'll be picking up my prescription next week. hope i don't die before then. i'm hoping it helps with the tiredness and achey back.

ps - i'm getting married in less than three weeks! hooray! i just managed to get a sub to cover my last two days of work - double hooray!