Sunday, August 16, 2009

One more year

I turned older last week. And to celebrate I invited the entire ward to lava hot springs. Well - i'm co in charge of ward activities so the trip wasn't really for my bday. Anyway, bret was very clever and ordered a cake for me that we picked up in soda springs. It was a total surprise which made it all the better. Later at camp we gathered the 15 or so ward members together to celebrate and help us eat it. I think I couldn't have planned a better party.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

View of living alone

It's my first night alone. I spent a good portion talking to my mother on the phone. Who else would a girl call when she finds herself utterly alone? Luckily mother wa home! We had a good chat. This alone thing will be good for me. When I got off the phone I looked around and noticed how NOT alone I really am. I have my treasured mobiles - always ready to greet me - one is full of photos of dear friends. On my dresser is a photo of dad - reminding me of a great family legacy I come from - one of courage and hard work. On top of me is a gorgeous quilt my mother gave me for my mother gave me for my birthday. One father helped with even. And pinned to my closet door is a picture of the resurrected christ. I think being alone is totally a matter of perspective.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Here's the latest status of packing. There's still plenty more to do - thus the empty boxes in front. What worries me is that the rest of the house doesn't appear to be that empty. You know what that means. By the way, if you want to help with the move - the uhaul will be here wednesday at 6. Come one come all - good times!

big changes afoot!

so, my roommate of 11 years is officially moving out tomorrow! we moved into my house together (we'd been roommates earlier in an apartment) about 6 years ago the week of her birthday - i find it coincidental that she moves out the week of my birthday. this year i'm celebrating by cochairing a ward trip to lava hot springs. not my first choice of fun, but good enough. in preparation for living alone i've bought a few things for the house - like an iron and ironing board. funny what you get used to not owning until you actually have to live on your own. this will be my first time EVER to live alone. ever! yes, i'm a bit nervous. i'm not the alone sort. i spent a good portion of today going over my finances and creating a budget. i've tried this before, but not with as scientific and purposeful approach - here's hoping this time is different. here's hoping i actually stick to it! i've decided i need to especially watch my grocery, eating out, and entertainment categories - those are the places it's easiest to go overboard. i also did some cleaning today. the good roommate has boxed up nearly all of her things - they fill one side of my front room - oh i should take a photo for documentation purposes. i'll do that next. anyway, i had to move one of the larger boxes to get to the printer paper. i never realized the but muscles involved in lifting large boxes. i know this because last week when i was cleaning the bathroom i fell on my rear. it's been bruised feeling ever since. maybe it's more of a strained muscle, actually, since it flared up in pain just now while moving the box. school starts next week. cry for me argentina. seriously i hope i can survive all this change!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday fun begins today!

Yep it's officially my birthday I think. I spent the day with my mom doing lunch and shopping for shoes. When I left she gave me my bday gift - some good old fashioned cash. I figure the cool new shoes I bought should officially be the purchase using that cash - thanks ma! They're cute aren't they? And the red soles match my red orthotics - call me fashionable. My mother always said a girl should have a bit of red on her somewhere. I think orthotics should count! So where am I sporting these fancy new fancy new shoes - no other than a birthday movie outing with the good friend. Anyway - gotta go check out the flick!

last friday

technically next friday is my last friday of freedom but since i'll be in lava hot springs getting to be in charge of a ward trip i don't feel i can call that true freedom. so guess how i'm spending the day! well, i have a ton of crocheting to do - goals must be met - so i figured sitting around watching a video might be a good way to do it. so i called my mother to see if she had any good ones from the library she might be watching while she sews. instead she convinced me to join her for a bday lunch. who am i to argue. so my last day of freedom i'll be doing lunch with my mother and hopefully crocheting. i'd like to point out that before i turned 30 i wanted to finish an afghan i'd begun 6 years earlier. when i picked up this project last april i decided i must complete it faster than 6 years. yes, it would be super cool if it could be done by my birthday, but i'm content to say before my NEXT birthday. mostly i'm trying to impress the niece that got me started and who is visiting at the end of the month. i want to be half way through. you know what will happen when school starts - i'll totally neglect it. in fact, i may neglect a lot of things going on in my life. sigh. school is hard. last night at visiting teaching my friend said back many years ago when she taught her roommate was also a teacher. my friend said she knew she was a good teacher, but she knew her roommate was a great teacher because the roommate kept thinking about school stuff and actually enjoyed thinking about it, where my friend would come home and just think about what was for dinner. i'm afraid i'm only a good teacher. i do know a great teacher, though, and she's my inspiration. her school starts a good week before mine so it's easy to feel motivated and inspired by her. good luck julie! i'm thinking about you!