Wednesday, July 9, 2008

more than my foot

yes, hard to believe, but there is more to my life than a foot in recovery. so i'm going to try to blog a little about the rest of my life..... hmm.... well, i have been doing some lesson prep. it's a paying job - i took it on as an excuse to keep busy while staying off my feet, plus my friend who needed it done seemed desperate to find a gullible soul. i got to read a book called, "shipwreck at the bottom of the world" - now i'm doing a unit of lesson plans to go along with the book. i really liked the book. it goes along with the davis reads theme, "discovering the majesty within." pretty inspiring - check it out if you want a good non-fiction scientificish historical book.

in other news... i recaulked my tub yesterday. and i have to say it wasn't the greatest job. i'm redoing one portion and wondering if i should have let it dry more before scraping out the fresh but poorly placed caulk. anyway, i'm learning lots!

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