Thursday, February 26, 2009

the end

ugh! i hate it when i write a beautiful post and then the internet gremlins lose it! i was saying.... i finally came to the end of my valentine's chocolates. i also noticed that my flowers from valentine's are on their last leg and will have to be disposed of this weekend. i am a fan of consumable gifts, but when they finally end then i'm a bit sad. i want another holiday! speaking of holidays, i'm taking tomorrow off. i need to get a leak fixed in my bathroom and it just so happens my free plumber is available tomorrow. so, i guess i get a holiay! hooray! and speaking of holidays.... we're soooo nearly to the 3/4 mark. i'm trying really hard not to be done yet. april may be the longest month ever.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


there was a big to-do in the middle of third period today because a girl thought that her friend and i had matching socks. they were totally different - mine being pink, black, and gray, hers being pink, brown, green, and gray. mine matched my outfit perfectly. hers were just there. still, i'd rather not match my students in any way shape or form. that doesn't mean i'm giving up my socks, though. i'd rather match my students than look like some boring old nude stockings, sweater, and jumper wearing person.

what i read on my day off

Zacarias, My Brother: The Making of a Terrorist Zacarias, My Brother: The Making of a Terrorist by Abd Samad Moussaoui

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interesting to have read this right after finishing pol pot. i'm convinced that selfish thought patterns (racism/bigotry in general) are the root of the world's problems. in some ways our world really is very immature. we behave like 3 year olds yet we have weapons of grown ups.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

what is love?

i figure i should post something related to vday. i thought this story from my sister's family was perfect.

Yesterday Lanelle and Risa had a conversation that, included the following:

"Why did you do that Mom?"

"Because I love you."

"Well, that's not very loving."

"What is the most loving thing I could I do for you?"

"Give me ice cream."

As we were trying to recreate the conversation today, Lanelle changed her answer so that now she says "hugging" is the most loving thing we can do. What do you think is closer to the truth?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


i've been a bit under the weather this last week. it makes me grateful for the ability to breathe freely. i'm also very grateful for tissues. and speaking of gratitude, i'm very grateful for prayer. i took tuesday off work to "rest up." i did rest. i also finished pol pot - hooray! but then i went to work on wednesday. that was hard. i came home from work utterly exhausted. i had worked late (yearbook deadline) and then ran to a meeting (where i made random comments) and then raced home (had to use the bathroom) and by that point i was in tears. i was overwhelmed and tired and feeling totally inadequate and lacking the desire to even try to be adequate. i did all i knew to do. i kneeled down and prayed for help. i prayed for relief and comfort. while praying i was amazed at the list of things i had to be grateful for. by the end i felt tons better. i went off to a friends house who had made me chicken noodle soup. while visiting she managed to solve a couple of my nagging problems. i went home and to bed that night with another long list of things to thank god for. hooray for prayer that somehow manages to make you feel better. even if you're still going through a box of tissues a day. at least i can face my students!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

who am i?

it's been a while since i took a personality test. courtesy of julie i took one today! thanks jules - it was a good one and i believe my type fits. yellow IS my color, after all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

big news!

Weber did it! They finally awarded me my second bachelor's - I now have a BS in English! It's a miracle. I may have worked harder for this than I did my first degree from BYU. Remember all those painful noises I made about Shakespeare - over a year ago? And remember all the posts about riding the bus? Did i ever write about the inappropriate final? After applying twice, submitting two sets of transcripts, going through two separate appeal processes, not to mention endless time on the phone, I was seriously thinking I'd have to take them to court. But then, miracle and happiness!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i haven't posted in awhile and it occurred to me i may have not told all my friends about my new calling at church. since my friends read the blog i figured this might be an easy way to inform those i may have neglected. sorry! anyway, it's also a chance for me to get sympathy notes and possibly/hopefully promises of help and suggestions. this month i got called to be one of the activities committee co-chairs. i no longer get to organize the humanitarian service projects - or as one guy likes to call me - i'm no longer the service lady. now i'm the activity lady. i need to get on the new calling though - figure out the people on my committee - give them a holler - build some relationships - and hopefully do some planning. here's hoping i learn to love it. everyone says i'll be great since i plan so many parties, but truthfully i don't feel like i plan that many - and they're usually pretty low key and easy to throw together with the help of quality friends. i guess i just need to take that attitude with these bigger activities. my old co-chair in the humanitarian calling told me that my energy was motivating for her - i'm hoping that the same can be true in this new calling. here's to motivating energy!