Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not so puffy

This morning I noticed there was a slight shape emerging from my foot that used to be an overstuffed sausage. In this photo I flexed so you could see that even tendons are showing through. Notice the big toe, though, lacks a bit of bendiness. At least the other toes are beginning to act normal. Oh, and my ankle sockline is almost the same - the foot still shows a sock imprint, but the ankle is nearly normal. Hooray for me!
Today I am off to park city for faculty bonding. I look forward to pool time. I hope I can stay awake until then. I need to get packing.

1 comment:

Marie said...

Maybe it would be completely normal by now if you refrained from chasing vodka bottles down the banks of the Jordan River. Leave the service project heroics to those of us with fully functional feet, psycho do-gooder.