Monday, July 21, 2008

Hate is contagious and you're catching it.

on saturday i attended incredibly strange movie night, being hosted by out/ex blah blah i can never remember the long name - basically odd movies/media shown monthly at nobrow coffee. my friend blair is the curator of the lost media archive and was the host this month. he showed us a movie called "creating rem lezar" - a funny children's musical movie about an imaginary super hero becoming real because the kids use their imagination and really believe. (the above picture is the three of them together when he first comes to life.) there were all kinds of good morals to the story. one of my favorite scenes was a sing along dance through central park where they pick up various musicians and become a semi-parade - it was totally copied in the latest disney hit, enchanted. luckily, disney improved on the idea. the funniest moral was near the end when rem told the kids that hate is contagious and they were catching it. they turned their hearts around and exuded love. consequently, rem stated, "love is contagious and you've caught it." really it was a beautiful line - and nearly as powerful as that scene in return of the jedi when darth vader and luke are fighting and luke is being pulled to the dark side because he's hating. well, there's your moral lesson for the day. go spread some love.

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