Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hair cut

Another hair cut another blog post. Too bad this is about as exciting as my life gets. I AM enjoying the new cut, though. I will gladly recommend my stylist - only 25 for a cut - a steal if you ask me. It's been a long time since i've loved a hair cut - didn't have to "fix it" when I got home.
now to figure out what to make for dinner.
P.s. Midterms are due monday - 1/8th of the way through another year. Brand new student today. I think i've had one at least once a week since school started. And here we are in the middle of a research paper.

Friday, September 18, 2009

a butt

That's not a word I use lightly - but it's the only word to describe what I found in my yard last weekend. After having an enjoyable marktoberfest on friday night I decided it was time to mow the lawn on saturday. In the backyard - that's completly fenced in - I found a marlboro butt lying in the grass. Smoked to the end but not squased or mutilated looking, it was just innocently hanging out on my lawn. How did it get there? I hate not knowing. Now I wish i'd taken a picture - you know - for the blog's sake. i'm hurting for good material these days. I blame school. Which is a topic for another post another day. Bed for now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life of a fly

Tonight I had dinner with plewe. About midway through we discovered a fly on the table. I assumed it was dead - feet in the air and all. But plewe saw a leg wiggle. She wanted to save it. I wanted to hide it under a napkin. after enduring my idea for about 10 minutes Plewe won - she scooted it off the table onto the window sill below the table. I didn't mind - out of sight out of mind - but plewe kept thinking about it. She gave him a piece of chip to regain his strength. A bit later she checked on him and tried to readjust the chip so he could grab it. Really - a fly! A half dead fly! When we finally left she couldn't resist checking on him - and who knew - but he was gone! Seriously he wasn't on the floor or anywhere we could see. It was like a fly miracle. Plewe admitted her obsession may be due to some repressed issues related to helplessness. Of all things - a fly! A half dead fly!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New mixer

I finally hit bb&b with my collection of gift cards I got using all my discover card points. Plus 20 percent off and I came home with 400 dollar mixer and only paid 150. Now to decide if I want to keep it or swap with my sister for her bosch. Still pondering that one.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lunch box love

My good brother loaned me his son's old "bob the builder" lunch box to start the new school year. My harry potter was starting to rip. Bob's been great, but apparently one of my coworkers thought it was time I had a decent upgrade. This morning she handed me this super cute new one filled with lauging cow cheese, crackers, and my beverage of choice - water. I was totally touched by her thoughtfulness but part of me may miss bob.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

nod to tracie

i just hit "publish post" and then noticed the good friend tracie had also posted. only last friday we were chatting and commenting on how neglected our blogs have been. funny that we finally both got around to it. i like her stories. i too love living in the city. i too love cooking. i too love friends. hooray for good times in the city! i want to take a cooking class i think.

first week and then some

so, all last week i meant to post something about my first week of school. it didn't happen. i was too busy. let me see what i can come up with.
english classes - all great! i started high energy talking about hopes and purpose. i had them write me a letter about their hopes for the year and for extra credit i said their parents could write me about their hopes. (thanks for the idea julie!) i was surprised by how many of them want to be better writers in terms of grammar and vocabulary. unfortunately that's not the most fun to teach and i don't have much material for such lessons. but i did break down and buy 20 copies of "well-lit sentences" - or some similar book. i found it by my library by chance and really enjoyed it. i will give it a shot - teaching "reading informational text" and grammar at the same time. any suggestions? help? guidance? yikes!
my reading classes were not as positive. somehow i have become a dumping ground for special ed kids whose schedules don't work so they'll just plop them in my classes. what a pain. plus the software we use has a bug and won't be fixed until next week. filler with a bunch of kids who hate school and would rather sleep is a real challenge. it's hard for ME to stay positive and enthusiastic. so far, though, i really do love my kids. i just hate my job. my fellow teachers just cause me stress.
my yearbook/journalism kids are a motley crew. we have super sharp kids and a bunch of "pass the time" sorts in there. i'm going with the attitude that if you give them responsibility they'll rise to the challenge. all fingers crossed!
anyway, one highlight last week was coming across a spider in the hallway. it was coming straight down on my coworker's head as we were complaining. (really one of my goals each day is to not complain.) i took a picture. it's blurry. you wouldn't care.
i've still been happy living alone. i love the space, the peace, the freedom. heaven.
now to look at august's finances and see how i did with my first month on a "budget" - like the official kind.