Monday, July 7, 2008

Change of bandage

Today I saw the doc for a change of bandage. I took the polish off befor going only to discover that my sister had painted all the toes on my left foot - I didn't know the two smaller toes were painted until the nurse took off my bandages. Then the nurse left me with my bare yellowish purplish foot staring up at me for at least 10 min before the doc came in to rebandage me. I wish i'd thought to take a photo then. There was no foot support and the chair wasn't terribly comfortable. I saw a huge dark purple section of my foot where i'd felt the worse pain. I started to get sick so I figured out how to move the chair back. Then I noticed the eons worth of dust collected on the air vent. Then I felt super neglected and started to cry. I remembered a granola bar in my purse so I ate that and tried to ignore the easy listening music that was making me anxious. Finally the doctor came in and rebandaged me without the slightest wiping of the foot. It probably still has the purple inked "yes" on top. I know it has the two red nails. Then he left me and told me he'd get me a shoe to wear in bed that's much smaller. A nurse brought that in and walked away. That was it. I was left to put my boot back on by myself. Lame! I think he's a lazy careless doctor and his staff is thoughtless. At least I won't be going there for the bunion on my right foot. Unless I get to do the research thing again and get paid to do it. My standards only go so high.

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