Thursday, July 31, 2008

temple accessories

with my free time this summer i decided i better hit the temple some more. i like to go in the morning and then meet up with my brother for lunch. yum! today i got to sit next to a rather delightful older woman. she knew all kinds of cool symbolism in the paintings on the walls. apparently there's a three pronged tree that represents the father, son, and holy ghost. there are also 47 blue medallion things on a border that stand for 1847 - when the pioneers got here! then there were some numbers that had to do with joseph smith but i couldn't quite understand what she was talking about. she was talking in one of those really loud whispers older people seem to have, and i didn't want to encourage her. but the coolest part was that she had this "sock" for her cane. you think you've seen it all in home made temple accessories - the shawl, hairpiece, bag, slippers, belt - whatever - but then in comes a woman with a white crocheted cover for her cane. it was priceless!

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