Sunday, March 30, 2008

stranger love

you know how it goes these days - everything online - strangers contacting you, somehow having fallen in love. or something. for your amusement i thought i'd post one of the latest protestations i've received. what's funny to me is that i recently read some 18th century sonnets with my students. i wonder if this is just a modern version of "to helene" - a rather funny sonnet in my opinion by some guy named ronsard. i think what really irked me is when this guy calls me a pillow. really, not a good word to call a woman. right up there with "couch" and "sturdy."

My name is micheal and i read ur profile so i liked it then i thougt u are the ligth that i can see and u are the pillow that i can lay some dougth some belive some la achive so it will be only u and me when u weak i will make u strong know where u belong i am not perfect but i promise i will not do u rong i will keep u away from harm my love is protected i rape u in my arms so u will never neglected i just make u aware of wat we will have is rare and the moment of the spare i will be the courage when u scared,loyal down for u as soon as i saw ur profile i wanted to be there cos i a can hold it down for u be around for u u are the qeen that is y i will treat u royal this is all for u cos i simple adore u.
I will love to read ur reply
Bye angel.


Cindy said...

YES! This is EXACTLY the reason why I joined back up on linkup.

Jules said...

That's awesome. He writes like a 15 year old addicted to text messaging. No one sends me messages on linkup anymore, but it could be because I live in the middle of nowhere.

Betty Grace said...

rape you in his arms? I'm hoping there is a typo there.

plainoldsarah said...

i know! that "rape" really scared me for a moment. i took the whole thing as good practice in reading what my students might produce. now that i think about it - maybe the writing they give me really IS edited!

Mike said...

Whew....thot for a few daz you dont get my mezzage.

i ademit, I sto' dis from know..."billy"

" i am not perfect but i promise i will not do u rong "

plainoldsarah said...

ha! "billy" - funny! thanks for the love.

LClark said...

Hilarious! I am gonna have to borrow his words. There is this girl that I met on-line that I am trying to impress... thanks!

I think it is a "rap" in text-msg format.