Friday, March 28, 2008


do you ever want to quit your job? today i do. not because the kids are getting to me. because the beauracracy is getting to me. it's testing time and this year we're trying it online. i'm just stumped by the sheer impossibility it seems to organize my lessons/time around this unknown factor. the guy in charge of coordinating all this is a football coach. enough said. i can't listen to him - it causese me all kinds of pain. my only comfort is that if i did listen to him he wouldn't be making sense or would be making up stuff anyway. yep. i want to quit. i'm done. there are only 9 weeks left. anyone want to be a long term sub? i'm ready for summer.

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Jules said...

Sarah, hang in there. Bureaucracy is why I left teaching and came to grad school, but the hard reality is that stupid people are running the show in places across professions, not just education. Let yourself have the bad day, and I'll leave you with this mantra from a teacher friend who has since retired:

"It's all about the kids. Everything else is bull----." (I censored it for your blog. But I really believe this.)