Tuesday, March 4, 2008


i'm seriously a bit crazy. i just told the byu testing people today that i will come in tonight at 7 and take the horrid shakespeare final. i have NO idea about anything. i better at least gather my books and maybe mark some passages that i was supposed to be familiar with or something. really i just think being done with it means more to me than doing well on it. call me a high school student. or something. did i ever tell you (the general you not really any of you in particular who are reading this) about the time i worked with mentally handicapped adults and realized how they are exactly like the rest of the world? when i taught 7th grade i came to the same conclusion about them. humans are the same. here on earth we look different on the outside and have different ages and stuff, but it seems we're really not at all different. we all suffer from laziness. for example, the one client i worked with would often wet her lazy boy. she would be rocking away in it, just enjoying herself. enjoying herself so much that she couldn't make herself get up and go to the bathroom. i found myself sitting on the couch sometimes, tired beyond belief watching pure lameness on tv and yet i was just too tired/lazy to get up and go to bed. it was like i was "wetting myself" for no good reason. i'll never forget that lesson. and yet, here i go to take a test i'm unprepared for and i just don't seem to care. hmm, my students will be taking a test next friday. i wonder how they'll do.

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