Tuesday, April 1, 2008

niece stories

my nieces have a bunny that visits their front yard. this is a picture of the youngest trying to communicate with it - she makes sniffing sounds.

as for her older sister, well, it's best if i just copy paste the story about her directly. it's a bit inspiring. it is a good start to my day, at least. just for background - it's about an interaction she had with the babysitter:

At some point during the evening Lanelle tried to get Tamela to jump on one foot with her. Tamela told her that she is old (she’s not really that old; her only daughter is 18) and it is hard for her to do that sort of thing. Lanelle replied, “You should ask Heavenly Father to help you and he will help you do hard things.”

here she is in one of her favorite outfits, i like to think she takes after me:

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