Monday, March 24, 2008

easter reflections

first i want to thank all of you who shared uplifting thoughts by email or blog - it enriched my holiday weekend. and it needed enriching! i think this may have been one of my more significant easter weekends. my celebrations began by watching "king of kings" at the organ loft. i enjoyed the funny parts (silent films are just different) as well as the more spiritual reminders of christ's life. i liked seeing it portrayed through different eyes than mine and realizing that his life is for everyone, no matter their beliefs or interpretations. i liked the colorized part best - it reminded me that the resurrection morning truly is the most important point of this weekend - god promises us life. all kinds of life. christ brought us that life through the atonement and his resurrection.

then friday morning i attended an early temple session since it was my one and only day of spring break. the spirit was strong there and i felt completely relaxed as i had nothing more pressing waiting for me when it was over. i could just savor it. that afternoon i explored farmington bay where the cycle of life was evident in the swampy boggy noisy water and walk ways. birds and people were out in abundance soaking up some of god's great beautiful earth.

then saturday i went through a hard personal experience. what made it sweet was the peace i felt knowing that i could trust god and that even though i was sad i knew it was all for the best and would work out for the good of all. you know that bittersweet pain that you can't quite call pain because it feels right in some way? yep, that's the best way i know how to describe it. i felt peace knowing that i was doing the right thing.

sunday morning i attended music and the spoken word with a group of friends (see photo below). such beautiful music! and all of it about the death and the resurrected christ. i spent most of sunday leaking tears as memories and reflections on dad, plus saturday night's pain, kept flowing through my mind giving me new perspectives and just reminding me of love. i found myself thinking about god's will and god's plan for me quite a bit. i like that part of that plan includes the atonement.

anyway, it's hard for me be to be personal or spiritual in a blog - but i wanted to share something. and thank many of you for your "somethings." happy new year!

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Monica Sue said...

it is hard to open up so much on a blog, yet the reflection process is so healing.

your feelings were stated beautifully. may the peace of god's will remain with you in continuing hard times.