Monday, March 17, 2008

benefits of yoga

last night in the shower i discovered one of the benefits of yoga. i don't know about you all - but my body had aged enough that i couldn't touch my hands behind my back - you know where one goes over the shoulder and the other comes up from below.... anyway, i could grab my hands - i could reach! i tried it the other way - i have NO recollection of ever being able to touch from that angle - you know how one side is weird and doesn't do what the other side does. anyway, they touched! they couldn't grab each other but they touched! i am officially more flexible!

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Jane Says said...

congrats! it's always nice when you see your hard work pay off!! as for me, i start my rowing classes tomorrow and i hope my muscles don't go into shock! i already have a feeling i'm going to be SO sore!