Monday, March 10, 2008


okay, so i'm home from my trip and i realized there may be a couple gaps in the story. i arrived in laramie on friday night and attended the obama rally. it was cool. then before turning in for the night i enjoyed some asphalt pie - it's been a long time since i enjoyed the deliciousness of wingers! saturday was filled with a trip to cheyenne to buy building supplies to make a dog kennel - i know - exciting. it was odd to me, though, to drive an hour to get to a big box store like home depot. saturday night i attended the brown and gold ball - a resurrection of an old tradition at university of wyoming. the ldssa decided to bring back the old glory a few years ago. i couldn't get over the flashback twilight zone feeling of the whole experience. i was surrounded by young college students dressed in a variety of "formal wear." the few couples at our table were fun to chat with - unsure of their majors but having a good time anyway. i saw many girls painfully dressed in bright colors that were either too tight or too short or too weird. of course, there were also the few that made everyone else jealous - even me - who was way too old to care. when the dancing began it was all country music, so we decided to head to the grocery and call it a night. sunday we forgot about daylight savings change so we overslept. not a big deal, but funny. church was great! lots of young marrieds, but smart sharp humble people - i loved all the talks and lessons. we got invited to dinner with by a family that was having missionaries over, so that was a nice treat. the evening ended with a pioneer trek fireside. i was a bit jealous - i kind of want to trek again! this time i'd make a bonnet and skirts instead of wearing the ugly di stuff i had. today i came home, but first i attended a class on land reclamation - the science of restoring natural habitats to areas that have been excessively modified by human use. it was pretty interesting. then a two hour drive back to denver, a two hour wait in the airport, and then an hour long flight home. full day! good adventures all around. oh, and my rental car got renamed "the black panther." i can't say i'm a fan of the chevy mini-suv and there were NO blizzards, but it was fun to have the xm radio and the feeling of driving a "new" car.

ugh - back to work tomorrow.

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