Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It is finished

Shakespeare is done. And I didn't do as badly on the final as I thought I would. Instead of questions from ALL the plays like it said there would be I only had to deal with the last half of the course material. I was also very impressed with my ability to recognize many of the quotes I had to complete. Hooray!
as I left I saw a collection of paintings of the prophets that I remembered seeing in the halls of the harman building from back in the day when I temped there and attended church there. It was like running into an old friend. I took a photo of the new part - I think president hunter had just become the new prophet during my days there.


ewesa said...

woohoo! woohooo!!! this is huge. congratulations.

Jules said...

Congratulations! Does this mean no more Shakespeare for you?

Thanks for posting that pic. It's things like that I miss about living in Utah/going to BYU.

plainoldsarah said...

oh thank you for your enthusiasm - this really is big for me! and julie, i may lay off shakespeare for a few years - at least the kind that requires assignments.

glad you liked the photo.

Sherpa said...

I didn't read the text for a second, but wondered what the picture had to do with the title. My brainstorming had nothing to do with the text.

plainoldsarah said...

you're right sherpa - the picture really doesn't go much with the title. it's all loosely connected. that's the life of a cell phone blogger i'm afraid. =)