Thursday, November 1, 2007

Party troopers

Halloween 2007 has come to a close. Here are the troopers of the night who stayed and restored my living room to normal before calling it a night. It may have been an even later night if it weren't for a mysterious party pooper around 10:45. Yep, suddenly my house reeked of dog poop. Coincidentally, about 10 people no one recognized also walked in about that time. I took advantage of the moment and shut the whole thing down. There were about 6-10 dear church friends who hung out in the driveway long enough to be sure the crashers left without causing me trouble. I assured them my fbi agent friend could help take care of any problems. Let's just say it was a night of feeling blessed to the rim with friends! Thank you one and all for playing! I had a grand time!


Dainon. said...

Well, that's pretty ... crappy.

Hyo said...

I heard about the dog doo doo (first on Plewe's blog) How awful. Well I'm glad you had friends help clean. A Halloween to remember, eh?