Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Black wednesday

I learned from dona that today is black wednesday in airlines world. Something about being thwe busiest travel day of the year. And here I am on a plane, being a part of it. I'm flying to houston to bond with my sister andrea's family. Looking out the window i'm surprised by the gorgeous canyons below. I don't think i've flown from utah to texas before, so the flight path is new to me. If I had a better seat (non-wing) i'd have taken a photo to post. I have to strain my head to peek out the corner of the window behind me. It looks like totally wild country yet I just noticed a small patch of a perfectly plotted city. Behind me a fellow is snoring. I slept for a bit. I wonder what noise I may have made. Next to me are two burly weathered texan types. Perfect fit to the stereotype. I love to travel!

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