Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brother's bday

Guess how I celebrated my brother's bday tonight! That's right - I went to a concert on a school night. I would have been home at a semi decent hour if it weren't for the gateway's endless parking garage. Now, can you guess who we saw? The legendary billy joel! Sometimes q song would come on and i'd turn to my brother to ask billy really wrote it - some of his stuff is like folk songs - timeless. What a guy. Not only does he sing and play like the wind still, he's very entertaining and funny - plus he can twirl a microphone stand better than some drum majorette from the 60's with her baton. Being the holiday season he threw out a couple celebratory numbes and when the audience sang along to "hark the herald angels" he called us the motab. It was a night full of love and music.


Jules said...

Yay for staying out late on a school night! And I loved the Billy Joel-60s drum majorette comparison. How very "English Teacher-y" of you.

ewesa said...

you all look so happy! happy birthday brother ward!

Reba said...

I was there, too! Glad to know you're a Billy fan.

plainoldsarah said...

thanks julie - i like being english teachery since i so often don't feel qualified to hold the title.

and yes plewe - it was a great time - much happiness!

reba - it would have been fun to run into you. one of my co-workers was also there but i didn't see her.