Tuesday, October 30, 2007

hyo's challenge

i think jane may have challenged me to do this a bit ago but i never remembered long enough to get around to it. sorry jane! but now i have a 30 minute limit - here goes.

7 random things about me:
1) i recently learned that i'm a blue red personality and that many of my closest friends are blue white and other friends think i am white when really i'm not.
2) i have a bit of nerve damage so my right foot always feels funny - like it's asleep. sometimes the numbness spreads and i can feel it in my leg and bum. i'm feeling that way now. too much sitting at a computer that is not at the right height.
3) i have lived and traveled all over the place but truthfully i just enjoy a day of sleeping in (not that it goes very late but it's the fact that i can), reading, emailing, cooking, rose bush trimming, taking a walk, or just lounging outside. travel is good but even when in a cool place i'm content to sit and read or people watch.
4) i like food of all kinds. i like discovering new ways of eating it. cereal, cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream are all major weaknesses of mine.
5) i've always dreamed of being a tour guide somewhere. i like knowing stuff and and i think tour guides know stuff and get to share that info. this is why i teach - it's like a tour guide but with more responsibility and stress.
6) i could live in a library. i'm currently blogging from the city library. i came here to listen to a debate on school vouchers - go figure (read previous post).
7) i hate being scared. i believe in facing fears, though. i've done haunted houses - i hate them - and i'm done with facing that fear - it only makes me angry now.

okay, that's the best i could come up with and it only took me 6 minutes! i'm a fast thinker and typer. i'm also a fast talker, i'm told. one year at a teacher workshop i was presenting something to my faculty and writing on the board - the teachers all told me i was the fastest board writer they'd ever seen. there's the bonus number 8 random thing about me - i'm fast like wind!


Jane said...

oh, the very fun and interesting facts of ward! thanks! i wish i could go to your halloween party. have fun and take a lot of pictures!!! what is your costume??

Hyo said...

Your a *star* Ward! I'm with you on the library. I love the written word and the smell of books. Yeh, I'm weird. Have a GREAT Halloween! I expect pics on your blog!

plainoldsarah said...

jane- i'm red riding hood - made the costume myself - sort of - the cape at least. glad you enjoyed my list!

hyo - thank you! glad to have a fellow library lover friend.

i'll post what i can after tonight's party but with a cell phone camera i may not get much until others share their regular photos with me.