Friday, November 9, 2007

life's blueprint

i had my students start the new term by reading a speech by mlk about "life's blueprint." he gave the speech at a junior high about 6 months before he was assasinated. it's really good. i had my kids read it and do some visualizing with it. then for homework they were to write their own blueprint. most all of them want to do college, have a family, and travel - essentially. what made me laugh was one girl who listed "make babies" as one of the things she plans to do with her life. too funny!


Hyo said...

So what do you teach, what grade and what schooo? Good luck with the "blue room!!"

plainoldsarah said...

you have to read comments of old posts to find answers to your questions - or i'll just give them again. =) but i hope you read this!

10th grade english, reading, and yearbook at woods cross high.

so far so good with the blue room!