Monday, November 5, 2007

my halloween

the food spread was amazing - we ran out of fruit but the rest kept on going!
the drinkwater johnson family kindly came. two days later they had another son.
dona and me - the hostesses - happened to both be in red.
dennis and plewe looking rather hip.
the clue family: mr. green, madame rose, miss white, miss scarlett, french maid, mrs. peacock, and professor plum. or, vanya, biff, alexis, dona, cindy, dan, and mark.

good times had by all!
even the scary cat.


M & M Smith said...

Hey your halloween party looks like a lot of fun! Your so cute and i love your blogs! Good reading. NO, Im serious!

plainoldsarah said...

melissa - you should come next year! glad you like my posts - thank you!

ewesa said...

hah. oh the memories. :) thanks for posting ward!

Jules said...

So fun! Everyone looks great!