Monday, November 19, 2007


this time last year i was standing in line at my ward's thanksgiving dinner party. the fellow next to me, who is a pretty good friend, reached over and ripped a gray hair out of my head. when i complained he justified his actions by saying that girls don't want gray hairs. i told him that next time he should at least warn me before he plucks. anyway, i noticed in my sister's photo recently that she has no visible gray hair. she's two years older. why should i be getting it before her? i think it's because i teach. except she's a home schooling mother so that reasoning doesn't perfectly work. maybe it's because i'm still single. yeah, that's it. anyway, my friend wasn't at the thanksgiving dinner party to pluck out offending hairs tonight.


Jules said...

My Gramps was 100% gray at 19, my mom started going gray at 25, so I've been dyeing my hair since I got home from my mission (I was 25). I think it's genetic. Doesn't explain your sis though.

plainoldsarah said...

wow - that's some serious graying going on! i wonder when i'll get to the point that i'll think dyeing is necessary.

Dainon. said...

Two words: Steve Martin. He's also been stark white/gray since around the age of 20.