Monday, September 18, 2006

cold and hungry

for how much i feel like whining about the cold and hunger i'm experiencing you'd think i was some poor pioneer in the willey handcart company. i'm not. i'm just a whiner. i had breakfast. lunch is in another 2 hours. i need to grade a bunch of essay tests - but i spent my prep talking to my buddy trying to convince him i'm a fraud failure. that doesn't do much for the whining disposition - only accentuates it more. i really need to buck up and start acting like a professional teacher who is hot and well fed. i have my hoodie on - the one the ex boyfriend's mom gave me - doesn't help with the disposition. just gives me something else to whine about.

here's a good thing - i went to the gym this morning and supposedly burned 170 calories. that's got to count for something! i need some good gym goals i can accomplish in 20 minutes since i don't want to wake up any earlier than i'm already doing. any suggestions?


Jules said...

Ah, how I miss the days of wasting away my prep time talking to other teachers. Fun times! Don't dismiss them so easily!

As for the gym, interval training is where it's at. Warm up for 3 minutes, then hit a good pace for 2 minutes, slow down for 1 minute, ramp it up for 3, slow down for 1:30, etc. All the fitness mags are raving about interval training.

Way to go for going early! I am a late night gym person.

plainoldsarah said...

hey thanks - i did try the interval stuff last year but got bored of it. i guess i can always try again - especially if it's all the rage!

i can't do gym at night - too much to do! it's the last place i want to be at night. last! plus it often smells.