Tuesday, September 5, 2006

mondays that are tuesdays

so what makes a day feel like a monday? right after a weekend. but mostly, just being a bit rough. things don't go as planned and you feel unable to fix it. so what's the solution? i think go to bed and you'll feel better in the morning. it's also a good idea to take drugs if you have a headache - but just headache drugs. speaking of which, i asked my students today what are the hardest trials they have to deal with as teenagers. many of the answers included relationships, especially family ones, and peer pressure. some things never change.


Jules said...

I usually maintain the idea that life is just one big high school. We just learn how to be more diplomatic as we get older, is all.

plainoldsarah said...

there is something very self reflective and educational about hanging out in junior and senior high schools - it's like looking at yourself in one of those huge magnifying mirrors with lots of flourescent lights.