Wednesday, September 27, 2006

parent teacher conferences

i'm tired. really tired. red eyes. dragging feet. drooping shoulders. it's been a really long hard week. two nights of parent teacher conferences are enough to do any body in. luckily, this year, at this school, they hold the second night in our individual rooms so we can get some work done. i thought i'd get some work done. instead i spent about two hours helping some poor peruvian student try to do the most basic of assignments for his other classes. not understanding english can be a real handicap for doing school work. i mean, major handicap. if teachers only had an inkling of what it was like for these kids they might actually give the kids an "a" just for trying. i think teachers should be required to do their own tutoring for students failing their classes - then they might realize where their teaching falls short.

anyway, in happy news i won the lottery yesterday. the legal, in school, who's going to get the brand new set of student desks, lottery. hooray for me! this school is about 30 years old and the desks found in most rooms have f-you written on them or their backs fall off or the seat falls too forward or there are screws poking them from below. basically they are all a hazard. being the newer teacher to the school i got an exceptionally fun batch of desks - over summer teachers go scavenging to try to improve their lot of desks. now my room has bright white desks that all match and are gauranteed to last at least 5 years! i'm just guessing on that life expectancy. anyway, i think i better post a photo of them!

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Jules said...

That's pretty much the only thing I DON'T miss about teaching...conferences. How nice of you to tutor the Peruvian boy!

And the desks...I'm jealous! I've wanted new desks every year I've taught. Congrats on the win! :-)