Friday, September 22, 2006

dinner party

It's us!


ewesa said...

some I recognize, some I don't, but it looks like such a great time! awe!! I love pictures. ward, I owe you one impossible goal. :) (also keep taking pictures)

plainoldsarah said...

cell phone blogging doesn't allow for photo by photo commentary. at top is vanya and lynn. vanya is my dad's co-worker - he's a good time and most entertaining. lynn, well, you know, he's a good man and always good to have around. then there's mark and matt. matt is lynn's friend and is in my ward. then there's brent, jenny, and randy. all in my ward. well, i think brent isn't quite yet, but he's coming and either way is a good friend. randy doesn't like crowds much so i was glad he came. jenny is top notch - a gem of a girl - and i just don't play with her enough. not pictured are cinda and carol (both in my ward and gems of women). your cousin april came but left before the camera came out. then the bottom photo is yours truly and chris. oh, sacha left before the camera came out. so there you have it - my dinner party that i hoped would be about 8-10 people that wound up being closer to 15 and making me nervouse since the people that didn't come were girls. for the first half hour it was me and a bunch of boys! the opposite of the seattle nunnery.
the location is stoneground - yummy!

ewesa said...

I just today got some pictures in the mail from sacha, old ones of us practicing with the band and singing at ed's wedding. I miss that girl. remember the time we practiced in the park and ended-up doing cartwheels and taking pictures, and that became our band music book? awe. band books. I miss allison too.