Thursday, September 14, 2006

McD 2

I know - not your favorite place but I thought there was something poetic about the patriotic touch of the flapping flag with the golden arches. My art for the day.

Last night I attended the fair with mark lynn hoppe and my new friend vanya. I decided next year we should all enter the fair in some category or another. You can win ribbons - and I think cash. Too bad there's not a phone camera category.


KCSimmons said...

I just wanted you to know I read your BLOG daily... it's my break away from the day to day garbage... and it always makes me smile. LOVE YOU LADY!!

plainoldsarah said...

glad you smile mrs. simmons! so do you want to join us in the fair entry making party next year?

St. Jon said...

Hopefully soon, we'll see the golden arches with a flapping American flag in EVERY country around the world!!

Does anyone know how to say, "Would you like freedom fries with that?" in Arabic?

St. Jon said...

I like your blog, too, btw, Ward!

plainoldsarah said...

thanks jon - i love having a good audience - i've missed your comments!

and no, i don't know how to say anything in arabic. i did at one point learn how to say "no cockroaches" in urdu (sp?) - the language my afghani student last year spoke.