Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I love them! I gave them up a couple years ago when the physical therapist said I needed orthotics to help my poor pinched back nerve. I've been pretty faithful about wearing those orthotics now for 3 years. My right leg is still a bit numb but I haven't had significant back pain except for last fall when I hunched over a dozen social studies textbooks for hours. Then this summer my feet started to hurt. Orthotics seemed to aggravate them more. So I decided I need to rotate my shoes - not always wearing the orthotics - to give the feet an occasional break. Today I dug out the tevas. They're so cool. At the bus stop my feet were hot so I poured cold water all over them - leaving the tevas attached to my feet. When I walk they bend and I feel like I get maximum push off from the ground. Why did I ever stop wearing them? Who needs arch support? Who needs an extra lift on the left? I need cool free flexible feet!

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