Tuesday, September 19, 2006

teacher dreams

so julie - do you miss the teacher dreams? this morning i woke up about an hour before i needed to so i went back to sleep. then i dreamed that sacha hogged the shower and made me an hour late to work. for some reason i found myself pushing my rolling bed (like a hospital bed) to school in my red long johns. when i got to school i had some time (due to having a first period prep) so i ditched the bed in a closet and went to the bathroom to change and wet down my hair a bit. apparently i had the wrong time and it was an hour later than i thought. my students came looking for me and it was all i could do to send them out of the bathroom to wait by my room while i changed into some clothes. as i was shooing them this tall beautiful teacher man approached saying he was already planning to fill in for me so i could take my time. we stood in the bathroom door for a few minutes visiting - he of course was entranced by my morning beauty and i was entranced by his blonde hair, blue eyes, and nicely fitting black t-shirt. then the alarm went off.


Jules said...

I never had a teacher dream like that...usually my teacher dreams were me screaming at a kid or a colleague...very unsettling. And so influential that when I'd see the kid or colleague later on in the day, I was still angry. Very odd.

plainoldsarah said...

hmm, not sure i've ever had one of those. usually i'm late for a class or miss a class or am unprepared for class in some way. the hot sub was a good twist.