Friday, September 29, 2006

eternal week

and i mean in the eternal suffering sort of way. really i can't remember a week that took longer. parent teacher conferences and principal student conferences can really sap you of all energy. luckily it was a bit easier waking up today than on wednesday - i think only because it really was friday finally. walking out of the gym this morning, feeling good about myself and life i realized how very wonderful it being a friday finally is. it occurred to me that my ability to truly savor the joy of a friday morning is the result of the pure suffering i experienced earlier in the week. you know what they say about opposition! so i grudgingly admitted to being grateful for a tough week - one that i survived and even learned a few things in. gratitude is tons better than bitterness i tell you. tons.

and tonight is marktoberfest - hooray! home made root beer and all the hot dogs you can eat - what a celebration!

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ewesa said...

ah, that is what you're doing tonight! at first I thought you said "all the homemade hot dogs you can eat!", and I thought, wow, marktober fest is really getting adventurous!