Wednesday, October 3, 2007


i don't know about you all, but i often find myself reading and rereading friends' blogs hoping and whishing for something new with which to distract myself from the real duties at hand. this morning has become such a day. then i'm sad because there is little new. then i feel guilty because i realize i'm not doing my part in the world of blogging to provide distraction for the procrastinating people of the world. so... let me see what news i can generate from my life to write about. i went to the gym this morning. i went there yesterday too. i miss bus riding. i must get a bus pass. i have 2 bus tokens left. i'm a bit sad to use them. they were leftovers my dad never used. okay, new thoughts! um, i redecorated the "windows" in my room. hmmm, maybe i should really decorate them the way elementary school teachers do with seasonal decals. right now i have a couple of greek warriors in one, a vase in another, and a bust of pericles in the middle one. i'm done with mesopotamina literature and have moved on to greek and roman. the kids get a test today. i'm struggling over knwoing how much to make them read of the funeral speech of pericles - kind of long, but kind of cool. you could almost substitue "americans" for the word "athenians" and the speech would totally sound modern. over the weekend i tried out a whole wheat pumpkin muffin recipe. i like it fine, but somehow they need more flavor. would it be because there is little sweetener? i used a combination of honey and maple syrup - but i don't taste either really. maybe i should have stuck with one or the other. maybe it needs more pumpkin pie spice? any of you cooking sorts out there have a suggestion for me? this coming weekend is conference. i'm pretty darn excited about it too. i'm having my trek family over for breakfast on saturday and then the old gang is gathering for crepes on sunday between sessions. in the past i've tried to visit the family one of the days, but this year mother is spending the weekend in texas and the siblings in town never made plans to gather. luckily last sunday we had big family dinner and fhe. it was good. we discussed how we study the scriptures. we learned to do a little tap dancing - for activity. and we had the most delicious flourless chocolate cake for refreshments. family gatherings are good times. i miss hanging with them. okay, i think i may be out of stories. i probably should have spread them out over the next couple of days. i better do some lesson planning now. oh oh oh - one last exciting thing. our art teacher has a monthly art "open house" in a section of the library - featuring a couple artists each month. this month he's decided to feature the art of the faculty and staff. after finding out i like to water color when i go hiking or on trips, he insisted i bring some of my work for the show. ack! so i am actually, finally, having my art on display in a show. the open house is at lunch - punch and cookies will be served. funny i think. for those familiar with my work, you'll be sad to hear that my "trees" will not be on display. i opted to submit my san fran work instead. i think a piece i did at ed's cabin -the famed dasco cabin - was also submitted.


Jules said...

I'm glad you are sharing your artwork! Very cool!

As for the pumpkin muffins, that's a tough one. I make whole-wheat pumpkin pancakes, and they're okay because they're not as dense as muffins. I'd try more pie spice and maybe instead of using a combo of honey and maple syrup use one or the other. Just an idea!

Thanks for the welcome distraction of reading your blog!

ewesa said...

very cool! you must document the art opening, and your piece! the opening would be much funner if they had wine and cheese, and all the teachers got sauced during lunch. heh.

plainoldsarah said...

julie - i think you're right about my sweetener - i'll try to commit to just one next time. thanks for reading and responding. now i'm procrastinating doing a paper before bed!

plewe - you're totally right - sauced teachers would be a kick in the pants and the poor kids could only eat the cheese. i took a sneak peak today and noticed he hung my picture of santa barbara court house, tide at half moon bay (with assistance from a wave), and bert - with a pear in his pocket. my favorite!