Friday, October 26, 2007

past halloween glories

last night i finished sewing my cloak for my red riding hood costume. i hope it works out! i have to try the whole ensemble together. but in anticipation of my upcoming party, here are some photos from the last few years.

2006 - i was the flapper. there are better photos of me in costume, but this was my favorite because of all the action around me.
2005 i dressed up twice. here i am as bride of frankenstein at my friend sacha's place. it's my backup costume and has been used twice. at the party we went to i made a really good friend - i was glad i went. the other party i went to wasn't as fun and the corresponding costume is not pictured.

this was the first of my big parties - halloween 2004. here i am as elvira (wig isn't on properly) with my siblings and their significant others (now spouses). this was the first of the great halloween parties that have followed ever since.
here is a shot of many of my friends at that same great party.

2003 was an off year for me. i felt "blech" - it was the year i had some back problems and wasn't the happiest, so i didn't dress up or attend any parties. the good friends, though, were kind enough to gather at my house before heading off to parties so i got to take pictures of them all. it was a happy year despite my "blech."

this was a classic year. 2002 i went as "jami palmer, miss utah 2000." if you lived in utah at any point during 2001 or 2002 you may have noticed the jami palmer billboards. i couldn't miss them. i think i saw a total of 5 on my drive to work. i found them inspiring and began to use them as good omens. when it was time to think of a costume, well, jami was it. (i've been thrilled since then to hear even president monson reference her in a conference talk!)

this was also halloween that started it all - gave us our groove and set a high standard for costumes. here is the gang as the love boat. notice the picture of relief society presidents in the background - this was a ward party - good old roosevelt ward.

prior to that were a few other parties that were good but maybe not as memorable. 2001 i went as diana ross from "mahogany" - the movie about fashion design and loneliness. "success is nothing without anyone to share it with," or some similar quote, is the theme. she wore a beautiful yellow dress with a rainbow cape - it was her hit design that set her on the road to success. the rest of the gang is made up of my dear lake street neighbors, plewe, and a guy i knew back in high school that i tried to befriend again. it didn't take so well. too bad.

and that my friends is the last 6 years of halloween fun. if i had photos dating further back then maybe i'd remember them as well, but you know how it is. as one of the ny times editorials was trying to say today - we don't remember so much these days - we've outsourced our brains.


Dainon. said...

Post more Ed Love Boat photos. I never tire of those!

plainoldsarah said...

i know! i only wish i had more.