Sunday, October 14, 2007

more marktoberfest

I figured everyone would like to see more photos of the party - and since I used Dona's camera last night I have them to share! Unfortunately, we haven't figured out how to take the clearest photos still. These have a bit of blur to them, and the timing was hard since there's such a delay with digital cameras. Some of the faces may look a bit stiff.

First off we have Vanya and Simon - our token FBI agents. Every party needs at least one so that you can have stories when the other chit chat dries up. :) Actually they really did add some enjoyment to the festivities. Vanya introduced Simon as Sam thinking that was a natural nickname - he felt sheepish later when he was corrected. I think they had a good time as they were the last ones to leave.
Below is a rather festive cake the Plewe brought. It was beautiful and had a sentimental thought to warm our hearts. I think Mark was touched.

This is me trying to get in a picture. Plewe and Dona had endured endless attempts on my part to photograph them alone that I was impressed they allowed me one more while sticking my head into it. At least the background is the blurriest part.

In the center of this picture is the reason for the season. Mark! He and Lynn were our chief BBQers. They graciously allowed me to take this photo with Jann since I wanted an action shot. Lynn has improved his "posing skills" as he and Mark just returned from a trip to Europe where they had to be in lots of photos. I think the practice paid off.

Be sure to not miss next year's Marktoberfest!


Cindy said...

Dang it! I'm sad I missed this year's Marktoberfest!

plainoldsarah said...

and it missed you! but there will be another next year - it must live on - it's a 3 year and going tradition.