Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Voucher debate

I'm attending a debate at the library. It's sadly under attended but fox13 seems to be doing a good job covering and mediating it. So far I really don't like the tone of voice of the guy on the left. It's enough to make me think he's slimey and represents a slimey argument.

update: i just finished attending said debate. kcpw was also helping moderate and broadcast. they took phone calls and emails besides live audience questions. i never got my question answered by the panel, but the woman sitting behind me who was pro-vouchers answered for me. i wanted to know where the money was coming from that was promoting their side of the issue. she said 85% comes from instate. i want to know who those instate donors are. as far as i know, much of the money donated to fight vouchers, whether from utah or the rest of the nation, comes from the poor pocket books of teachers who care about the nation's children. anyway, i found out the slimey sounding guy is richard eyre. i've respected him in the past for the work he's done with families. now that i think about it, though, he's always had a bit of a condescending salesman tone to what he has to say. i've not minded before because he says things i agree with. today i felt like he was oversimplifying the issues. i didn't like his analogies. he comes from a view that we should run schools like a business - market system - but since when has education for all (a socialistic ideal) been able to function with capitalist methods?

the highlight for me was getting interviewed by a tribune reporter afterward. i'll have to watch for the story!


Jules said...

Let me know when the story runs! It's times like these that I don't miss Utah--education there is so political. It's not like that at all in Nebraska. But then we don't get two days off every year for a teacher's union conference either, so...yeah.

plainoldsarah said...

of course! i only hope i find out when it runs! i do like having the conference, but i was disappointed in the offerings this year. it may be time to kill the conference.