Friday, October 12, 2007

True love

You know how there are people you see in passing that can capture your heart? Well maybe that's not true love, but it can sure stay with you surprisingly long. A guy named bert buying two pears did that for me once. One of my best water colors ever (it's currently on display at my school) was of him on his bike with a pear peeking out his pocket. Well places can also strike a chord in my heart. This is one of them. I once dreamed of buying it and making it a hostel. It was for sale about the time I entertained dreams of hostel ownership. Someone else bought it and fixed it up real nice. I feared they'd take down the sign - my favorite part. Luckily it still stands. I think it functions as an apartment complex. That makes me happy. I still wish it were mine at times but i've learned love doesn't mean ownership and we can't have everything we love - others deserve and can possibly honor their love better than me. I try to celebrate that connection rather than my loss. So anyway, that was a bit on the overly serious side. Mostly I just love gettig to walk by this place on my way to tax class. Maybe someday i'll get a photo of it with light shining the right direction.

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