Sunday, September 30, 2007

women's conf

last night plewe asked me what i learned at women's conference. i never got back to her. so now i'll answer her question. i learned that no matter your station in life you have a responsibility to family - strengthen families. every family you come in contact with you should help be stronger. i also learned that i have a responsibility to provide relief. the first things you must do in life is stand strong and immovable in faith - you do this by making and keeping sacred covenants, going to the temple, studying scriptures, following the holy ghost, have family prayer and fhe, and live providently. i liked the last one. i need to do that more. i need to spend more time listening and following the holy ghost as well. i liked that the conference forced me to do some self reflection and even set some goals. i liked that i was reminded of my role in life - to strengthen families -and to hear that i can do this without having any children of my own. i think too often we set our sites low by thinking the most important thing god wants us to do is get married and have kids - sure he wants that - but more generally and importantly he wants us to strengthen families and we can do that in our own families (if we have them) or with all the others with which we come in contact.


ewesa said...

great ideas and obervations! thanks so much for the sum-up.

plainoldsarah said...

totally! i forgot how much i like taking notes and sharing them.