Thursday, October 11, 2007


today is my baptism anniversary. when i was 8 we were living in texas and attending church in a presbyterian meeting house. our chapel was being built so the nice presbyterians shared with us. i wanted to wait for my chapel to be built to get baptised. i also was waiting for my grandparents to come visit. anyway, my chapel didn't get built in time so i got baptised in the stake center. i think it had nice lime green carpet. my grandmother sang "i'm a child of god" as part of the service. that song was written by my grandfather's cousin so it's extra special to our family. my mom made my dress. it had a red plaid ribbon that went around the waist so i could wear it after my baptism. i wore it to church the next day when i got confirmed. it was a good day. today i read an article in the ensign about listening to holy promptings and having the spirit with you. good stuff! i liked the four tests you can give to be sure the prompting/feeling you're having is really a prompting. go read it if you haven't already. wait, i'm i'm smart i'll make a link to it in my blog! cindy is my inspiration. here it is!

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