Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bus friend

Today I took the bus to my school district's office. It's the same one I used to ride to weber state over the summer, but I often didn't ride the bus home because i'd stay in ogden and play with blair. I'm taking it home toda. Just like I did the summer of '06 and '05. What made me happy today was seeing one of my "friends" from those past summers. There's a young man with blonde hair and pleasant face. He's rather attractive in a young clean cut missionary like way. The thing that sets him apart from others is his love for horses. He is always carrying around a picture book of horses. I remember how he used to talk nonstop to the bus driver about them. His child like enthusiasm just makes me smile in a warm and humbling way. I'm happy to see he's still bussing it to his grocery store job in bountiful.

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Sherpa said...

That's cute. There's a guy that I see on the metro occasionally that I was reminded of when I read this story.