Thursday, September 20, 2007


really i have nothing new to blog about. i've been waiting for inspiration. last night i was with plewe at sammy's concert - loved it - but took no photos. luckily she did and she blogged about it. but i want to blog something! i think i want to not do lesson plans. i will regret that. the last couple weeks i attended a covey leadership training. we learned all about the 7 habits. i loved it! i learned a lot. now i need to do what i learned. one important lesson is "live above the line" - in reference to doing things that are important. this isn't so important. neither is it urgent. it's a total time waste. i should be making plans - something important and relatively urgent - but even better if it's not urgent because then i'm getting ahead of things which allows me to squeeze more into my life that's meaningful and feel secure and not stressed. if you ever have the chance to do covey training i highly recommend it!


St. Jon said...

Ward - you need to delve into Covey's "8th Habit" book - based on what I know about systems theory, when one element of a diad consistently and firmly begins changing behavioral patterns, the other element is forced to adjust and adapt accordingly... in other words, YOU can change the dynamics of your environment through consistent behavioral and perceptual adjustments... sort of like the Jedi mind stuff, but don't use that terminology with those you interact with, because they'll just think you're crazy

Jules said...

Advantage to teaching college: 1/2 the lesson planning.
Disadvantage to teaching college: no real connection to students

What are you teaching right now? Book? Short stories? I really miss teaching literature...