Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rich family

I'm going on trek this weekend. I'm ma for some yet unknown "children" that are really just peers from my ward. The mas and pas were asked to come up with a family name and make a flag for their handcart. As previously posted, my pa isn't the most familial, so I made the flag myself, even picked the family name. I totally must give credit, though, to cindy, plewe, and cindy's friend kim, for helping me come up with the emblems and symbolism. Cindy totally deserves all the credit for designing the overall layout. She drew it in pencil for me last night and advised me on colors to use. I just finished doing the painting. There's only one mess up spot i'm embarassed of s everything else I think is spectacular. I've decided I deserve best family flag award - if there is one. The oxen are holding wheat - symbolizing the unity and friendship related to growing, harvesting, and preparing it into food. The mountains are enduring, the oxen are valiant and persevering, the crown is because of our divine royal birth right, the tree is a mustard tree symbolizing faith, and the tiny mustard seed it came from hangs below the family name. We are rich in heritage, unity, faith, fellowship, courage, heritage, and all that good stuff. Don't you agree my family will win best family flag ever?


Cindy said...

Look at that! You did such a good job painting it! So excellent! I hope you do win best flag!

ewesa said...

ask and you shall receive, I just put in a petition with ward for a picture of this and here it is! wow, I'm so impressed you guys, those oxen are climbing that fabric and waving that wheat with such authority, they are totally owning it. nice. have a good time on trek! are you allowed to blog while trekking?

Jules said...

I love it! That looks fantastic! Have fun on trek...you're a much stronger soul than I am, because I wouldn't even try. I'm pretty sure if I had been born 150 years ago, I would have stayed in Winter Quarters. Hmmm...I really AM a Nebraska girl at heart! :-)

plainoldsarah said...

thank you cindy - i couldn't have done it without you - not in the slightest!

plewe - i like that idea - of oxen waving wehat with authority. my family will "own" trek! and sorry, but no blogging on trek. no cell phones -and that's my only camera.

julie - i just read this morning in "journey of the trail" that some guy totally warned those willey hand cart people not to go or they'd litter the plains with their old and weak. sad. staying in winter quarters might be a good idea - but just for the winter.