Sunday, September 23, 2007

Farewell dear dasco cabin

I wish i'd photoed the cabin or island itself but I did manage to pull out the camera phone on my drive home. The prettily red spotted hills were so stunning I was compelled to try to capture their beauty. I'm afraid I failed but at least I have my memories.

speaking of memories - that cabin is full of them. The sounds smells tastes and feel are unforgettable. Glen campbell, ed's satan voice, the rat chaser, sammy words like bacon and murder, and that heavenly river are some of the sounds. All day yesterday I could smell bacon on me. There's also the smell of fire and burned cookies. This time (like many before) I tried to memorize the look of the aspens turning yellow and the large mountain nestling up against us with the moon just peaking above it.

What dear friends I have and what dear memories we've shared in that cabin. I'll always love these last few years of moments spent together in "our" cabin.

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Dainon. said...

I think I'll remember sleeping on the back patio, being lulled to sleep by the river and waking up to the sounds of the same. What bliss that was.

So sorry to have missed the sendoff ... though I hear there will be a replacement cabin someday soon, yes?